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2nd Floor, No.53 Patrice Lumumba Rd, GT Bank Building Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana, Accra

The major determinant of land values is location location location. This is the reason why you can’t compromise your safety when it comes to land acquisition.

We offer an opportunity to customers to acquire and become owners of their serviced land at competitive prices with flexible payment terms. We are located in the first class neighborhood of Tema (COM 23) according to the TDC planning scheme.

Land acquisition has become a problem not only to the private developers but also the individuals who seek to fulfill their dreams of building a house. Such problems are noted to be multiple land sale, Land Guards and exorbitant prices.

In order not to become a victim of the above problems, we entreat you to buy a plot of land free from encumbrances, claims and further assurances at Shandonia Garden.

At Shandonia Garden your absolute and indefeasible title to the land is a must. We provide solutions to your housing needs.

As a state owned company, our track records cannot be condoned. This is in the areas of the longest sea crossing bridge in the world (Shandong hi-speed jiaozhou Bay Bridge) by our mother company Shandong Hi speed (SDHS).

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